Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Feathers - at the Etnografiska museet in Stockholm (October 9 - March 3 2020)

The spectacular exhibition Feathers at the Etnografiska museet in Stockholm demonstrates how feathers were and still are used all over the world.

Feather costumes, one for a man (above) and one for a woman (below), are from the Ka’apor of Brazil, who wear these decorative items during their most important festival, at which children are named.

Eiderdown anorak with hood - Grönland (year 1883) and Katmandu (year 2000)

Hand fan

Shaman doll

Tevau - Solomon Islands Feather Money. 

The red feathers of this money were integrated into striplike coils of fiber. The feathers came either from the parrot Trichoglossus massena, or from a red-scarlet honey-eater named Myzomela cardinalis

The islanders paid fines, ransoms, and blood money in feather money. It was too valuable to be useful for an everyday medium of exchange. 

Etnografiska museetAddressDjurgårdsbrunnsvägen 34
115 27 Stockholm

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